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Event signage material used for barricades, fences and televised events.

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The Dura process of making event signs is fantastic value for event managers, spectators and installation/dismantle crews.  Super tough flexible mesh material for fence and barricade, wall and building signage.

Supplying sporting events and business promoters, you can buy direct and save!

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Sign Event Mesh


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Close up of Sports Mesh banner sign material used on temporary fencing barricades etc as seen at triathlons cycling surfing swimming iron man events and the like.


Material: 100% PES Polyethersulfone
Weight: 145 g/mē

Crease free
Excellent Print Through

Vibrant High Color Quality Printing
Zero Fraying
Foldable Storage
All Weather Conditions
Self Extinguishing

Passes Australian OH&S Applications
Beach Flags
Fence Signs
Overhead Stage Presentations


The advantages of Sports Mesh for event signs is the ease and speed of set up / dismantle. Temporary crowd fencing can be lifted and moved from event to event, banners can be attached with minimal labour experience and events such as street carnivals, cycling, triathlon etc wherein dismantle time is paramount becomes very easy.


100 gsm 100% PES is incredibly tough and replaces fluted plastic signs with better results, lower costs, more portability and storage, easier cleaning and better ink printing for promoters.


Crease Free: Banners are quickly tensioned and crease free, this is a great advantage for creating long television shots, raceway fence signs, sporting ground signage etc. The material is 100% PES and Polysulfone has the highest service temperature. Its resistance to high temperatures gives it a role of a flame retardant, without compromising its strength. Printing process Sublamation provides highest ink resolution and color life vibrancy.


Stunning print results are achieved.




Mesh banner signs for sports events make sense because they are very lightweight fast to tie onto fencing and barricades allow wind to pass through and print fantastic colors. Also, the sign can be very easily stored or transported from event to event. Heavy plastic signs eg. 8mm fluteboard are also used but require much more handling and event staff to manage. Fabric sport mesh is also cheaper, both to produce and to transport, it is also a full colour printed open weave banner designed used for making indoor/outdoor signage, windy areas, construction fencing, sporting events, temporary fencing, building site and road side mesh covers and barrier fence signage.


Long rolls of banner mesh can be supplied or as this photo shows, cut to 10 METRE length's with metal grommets.


People holding 10 METRES of event sign mesh for advertising. Also see fence mesh signs


Tennis club fence and indoor stadium court separation screens. Wind screens used for tennis club and bowling club use Dura Sport Mesh for long life applications. Stronger than shade cloth and printing of logos and club emblems, advertising sponsorships and local business signs.


Hockey NSW Dura Sports Mesh banner signs for quickly tying to the fence and arena at different sporting hockey events


Hockey NSW Dura Sports Mesh banner signs for quickly tying to the fence and arena at different sporting hockey events.



A material stronger than shade is used for printing onto construction site fence signs. This popular sign is fantastic for logos and large font messages. The image below shows the high quality 'white' achieved with the Dura printing process employed.



Our cheap signmaking company in Australia also supplies all kinds of cheap signs for support vehicles, event signage management, ticket sales, toilets, maps and other event type signs used by the public for event management.


Caution Runners On Road Sign


Your next sporting event manager or management company plan can include cheap signage like shown above. We supply nationally from our central factory warehouse event signage supplies and finished work for one day events, annual events, spring and summer shows and many other events through Australia. Our recent project supplying the professional Rodeo season was fun and we can ship anywhere. Tail and lead cars, commissaries, officials and referee identification, volunteer stations and other community role signage makes an event manageable.



Large opaque vinyl banners made in Australia for the Australian Defence Rowing regattas. These large banner are easily transported to each regatta and tied to poles, posts, buildings, fences, side of sheds etc.


Rowing Banner Signs


Magnificent colors and long life outdoor inks are used for all our work supplied.







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Printed Fence Mesh features include anti creasing stretchable mesh material that is super strong, lighter and more durable. Eyelets and ropes can be attached for fixing or use cable ties to barricades, fences, partitions etc. Ideal for temporary fencing allowing wind to pass through. Full color printing in stunning resolution and graphics, the Dura Sports Mesh is an incredible product for event managers to utilize. Easy to install, easy to dismantle, each promotors logo banner can be folded into a box for cheap shipping.


Fence signs and banners are prefect for increasing brand visibility at events and outdoors. Hide construction sites with fence mesh advertising your brand



Works perfectly for televised events Cheap to buy, print in bulk or individual

Include eyelets and hemming... easy!

Vibrant high color quality printing



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